Monday, 22 March 2010

Stop press!

Happy Monday morning everyone! Just a very quick update between naps and daytime TV ....

The lumpectomy/breast reduction op on Friday appears to have gone OK.  Dr Jordan came to see me on Sat and he said surgery went to plan and that he was pleased. He is optimistic that he got clear margins around Yukky Lump but can't be sure until the pathology results come in - so fingers crossed!

I am now at home - taking it easy. Emotions keep swinging around - I guess from the stress, drugs and tiredness - and worry that they might end up calling me back in for further surgery if they didn't get the clear margins.  But hey ... you know what an emotional little soul I am at the best of times!

I was really surprised how hard it was to walk to car from ward yesterday .. and a gentle cruise around the supermarket was a nightmare ... I was very weak and dizzy. I am feeling better today having had a good night's sleep. I am not in pain due to pain killers but absolutely hate the drain that is coming out of my armpit and which have to lug around in a bag.  I have to change it in a minute ... urrgh ... shame they have stopped the morphine ....

Can I just say a special "hi" to my new pals who welcomed me to the "Girls Too Loud" hospital ward ... their cheerfulness and support meant a lot ... best wishes to you ... I hope you are all doing well!

Yawn ... I guess my 10 minute keyboard allocation is up ... time for another snooze ... catch you guys soon ...


  1. You DO know that they meant ten minutes a day ... not ten minutes AT A TIME on the keyboard!!! Seriously tho ... great to have you back online & back at home. So glad all went well & can't wait to catch up with you soon. Have got everything crossed for the results.

    Loads of love Bxxxx

  2. You went to the grocery store on the way home from the hospital?!!!!! Oh, PAULA!!!! I came home and went straight to bed. Of course, we come home hours after the surgery. Perhaps it is different there. The drain is disgusting. I hated it as well. The greatest joy was that it was removed while I was under anaesthetic having the mediport inserted two days later. Praying for clear margins here!

  3. So glad you are doing so well and I imagine you are relieved to be back home and back in cyberworld. You have missed very little in drizzle world and most of the country were undergoing a duvet day at the same time you were, so little to report back!
    Fingers crossed lovely

  4. so pleased all went well.

    Catch up soon.

    Loads of love and hugs


  5. Glad everything went as well as possible. Cant wait to catch up
    Massive Hugs to a very brave P

    Peaches XXXX

  6. Great to hear you are home, lovely to get your blog updates, have missed them, but take it easy, remember 10 minutes! :-)
    take care Bridget!
    Debbie L

  7. Hey Paula! It's Hollie! :)

    Hope you're feeling alright! Your blog is awesome, I'm really loving it - though I have a few tears. You are an amazing writer and really should concider making this a book!

    Plus, I love how; Tracy, Sam and myself are mentioned :P Also great name for us :D hehe

    We love yer' woman! So, take it easy! No more jogging around!

    Keep blogging :D xxxx


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